Housing market

To be honest, the housing market in Frankfurt am Main is not the most student friendly one. But there are several ways to find an accommodation for your period of residence.

Official student accommodations are provided by the Studentenwerk Frankfurt. They offer a large range of different rooms and apartments which are located all over Frankfurt. There are also on-campus accommodations. You can apply for those rooms via the website of the Studentenwerk where you can select which type of room or apartment you’d prefer. Please consider that due to a high demand for student accommodation you should apply – if possible – at least 6 to 12 months in advance! You can even apply if you’re not sure whether and when you will study in Frankfurt. A student identity card isn’t necessary for an application. If you’re unsure whether you will study and live in Frankfurt, apply anyway. An application doesn’t cost anything and it can make your time in Frankfurt a lot easier if you don’t have to look for a room in the nick of time.



You can find house or flat shares as well as single apartments on www.wg-gesucht.de/en/. Single flats are usually more expensive than the official student residents. But you should have a look at the house and flat share advertisements. For students who study on Campus Westend or Campus Bockenheim – if you’re studying Economics or Business, all of your courses will take place on Campus Westend – the neighbourhoods “Bockenheim”, “Westend”, “Dornbusch” and “Nordend” are close to your campus. But mind that Frankfurt has a great infrastructure and as a student, the usage of public transport doesn’t cause additional costs, due to the „Semesterbeitrag“ of about €350 you’ve paid when you matriculated.

Be careful: It has occurred that some people inserted a room and wanted a deposit for a key so that you could inspect the room. As a guidance, do not pay anything until you saw the room and signed the lease contract.

According to the German newspaper „Die ZEIT“ the living costs in Frankfurt are about 883€. Most of your living costs is caused by your rent. There is no difference between the costs for food in Frankfurt or elsewhere in Germany, because food is cheap in the whole of Germany.

Please note that living costs are on average €883. Therefore you may spend more or less, depending on your own lifestyle.