Information about the university

Language courses

Over 185 million people throughout the world can speak German. Be one of them! There is so much to discover! Speaking German will enable you to intensify your experience in Germany and to learn more about the German culture.

It doesn’t matter whether you cannot even say „Hallo“ or whether you can read „Goethe’s Faust“ without needing a dictionary. There is certainly a German course that suits you. Please have a look at the following websites for further information.

Learning German | German language courses (DSH)

Our Campuses

The Goethe University consists of four campuses (maps of our university). Campus Niederrad (medicine), Campus Riedberg (most of the natural sciences) and Campus Westend and Bockenheim (humane sciences). Campus Bockenheim is rarely used, because the university moved its main campus to Westend. As a student of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration, you’ll probably spend all of your time on Campus Westend.

And what about lunch?

Campus Westend has got three Mensen and several cafés. A „Mensa“ (canteen/cafeteria) offers several dishes from Monday to Friday. Students get a discount whereby a meal only costs about €2. We highly recommend to eat at one of the Mensen, especially because variety of dishes and the good value for money.

The Mensen on Campus Westend are: Dasein, Casino and Anbau Casino.